Midnight Sprite

A child’s skinny frame, emerges from the darkness, silhouetted in moonlight. The words that follow: I got hot and vomited in my bed, plus over the side… a lot on the hardwoods… and some other stuff.

Rock, Paper, Scissors? Forget it, two man job, the highlight of which, definitely standing on the front lawn, shaking the chunks out of kid’s bedding.

Just appreciating the opportunity to be conscience, when I wouldn’t be, and outside on a perfect night (vomit aside), breathing deeply (through your mouth).

Thinking the magical, hazy thoughts that seem crisp and brilliant before the sun comes up, but become the l.o.l. parts of your dream journal.

I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
That’s what people say mmm, that’s what people say mm

But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like I got this music in my body and it’s gonna be alright

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off



The Groove That’s in my Heart

Most of my days begin with a song.
This morning I sang the Growing Pains theme song, in an attempt to get my daughter to pull back the tangle of bedding, pillows and stuffed animals that she refers to as her nest, so that she could “Show me that smile again.

I got nailed with a plush unicorn long before I made it to, “As long as we got each other.”

Undeterred, I shuffled on down the hall,
“The Low oord, told Mommy, to go and toast your Bagels bagels,

Bay gulls! Made Of! … Hickory Barky barky….”

I know you’ll be suprised to find out that I don’t really have much of a music background.

I hopped the fence to take piano lessons from a talented neighbor mama, when I was a little kid.
Piano was a great instrument to start with.   You learn treble and bass clef, which is helpful for transitioning to lots of other instruments, but not viola.

I started playing the viola, when I was in 4th grade.  That went on clear through high school, even though sometimes I wasn’t really playing.  When I graduated, I still needed my stand partner, my bff Carrie Beth, to tune it for me.
I definitely was not the best viola player ever, but I loved the people there.

I think the viola is the only alto clef instrument, unless you’re willing to play one of those yucky band instruments, that you have to put your mouth on, but remember, the alto clef is just there to mess with you anyway.

As an adult I picked up the guitar.
Although, I haven’t really picked it up in the last decade…

This week I’ve been working on a little song.
It’s about my most habitual prayer, so of course, it’s a country song.

You can just free style the melody, but I’ll share the lyrics with you.

They go a little like this…

Give me a green light Je-esus,
I think, I didn’t leave too soon
Told my kids to pack, while I tripped on my cat
Gotta fish my keys out of juice.

(sometimes there’s a second verse…)

Maybe need just one re-ed light
Need to write a message on this card,
Dig through purse, eat a frozen burrito
And stop the wrestling in this carrrr.

Maybe I’ll just stick to painting and non-musical writing.

I so wish that my most unceasing prayers were noble and inspiring,
but if I’m honest, green lights probably fill an embarrassingly large slice of that pie chart.

Good…ish House Keeping

Halloween has come and gone, but this house is looking spookier than ever.

If this is the boat you’re in, Welcome Aboard!
Now, put the plastic pumpkin down, whatever you’re looking for has probably already been inhaled by tiny sugared up pillagers.

So, Post-Weekend/Halloween Home Re-Set…

First, put something in your crock pot.
Whatever you can reach. This is because later, when you need food, cooking will not be possible.
You need a meat product, some liquid and some spices.
Whatever comes out, you can serve over rice later.

Now that that’s going, you plugged it in, right? It’s time to open up a lil’ can of Let’s-Make-This-Dump-Shine-Like-The-Top-of-the-Chrysler-Building!
I like to start with an extra cup of coffee…
you can stir in a Fun Size Milky Way, it’s more fun that way.

Find yourself a timer. How long do you have to throw at this? 20 minutes works for good-ish, 10 minutes is just ish.
Also, I think a sound track helps. I have been using Rusted Root’s Send Me On My Way for dishes, and upbeat Bob Dylan songs for laundry, but you can find what works for you.
You may need to get psyched up first with a classic, like Eye of the Tiger, (visualize your personal cleaning montage) or you could reword the lyrics to Lose Yourself, by Eminem

There are no M & M’s left! Stay with me!

Okay, During house reset, Do not get the phone, more likely than not it’s just Newt Gingrich anyway.
Let it go.

I think we’re ready now, awwyeah!

Grab a plastic Thank You bag. You can keep it on your wrist for unexpected candy wrappers and general refuse [ref-yoos], while you’re doing the run around, i.e. putting things where they go and restoring order to your home. This might take a few songs, so pump up the jam.

Then, get the dishes knocked out, hopefully one song.
Next, put dirty clothes in washer and sort clothes coming out of dryer into baskets dedicated to each member of your household.
Go get your vacuum and use it to pick up any rogue dust bunnies in your high traffic areas.dust_bunnies_02

Check your bathrooms for any unsightly yucky business and vacuum the dusty layer off the back of your toilet.
Finally, look at the awesome work you have done, and see that it is good.

If you’re working full time, are ill or have kids under five in the house with you, this plan can easily be modified;
when you see your husband’s car pull in, get out your vacuum.
Place it somewhere noticeable. This signals productivity, however imperceptible, and that calls for take out.