Hard to believe that I haven’t blogged yet and the first month of summer is already sliding on by, we’ve come back from vacation and everything. Summer is usually the time of year when I’m feeling the most bloggy, This has just been a different year for us, for a few  reasons.

First, I went back to work in the fall.  Although it was only two (6 hour) days a week as a preschool teacher’s sidekick, it still shook things up around here.  Hopefully in a good way,  I had a lot of fun!

Another change, my father-in-law going home to The Lord, very unexpectedly, this past February.

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Finding our feet again has been a little like standing in the ocean.  I think we all feel like we’ve been knocked over and tumbled… and then come up gasping, trying to shake off the feeling -the lump in your throat that steals your breath- and with swollen, salty eyes and ringing ears, try to pause, just for a second and remember to appreciate the beauty.

Something heavy, mysterious, strong and still, reminding us that we wouldn’t change anything… even as the waves take us under, again.


Another thing that has shifted in our little world:

we wrapped up elementary school this spring.  It’s a very different sort of loss all together.


My kids will be on the same pick up/drop off schedule, so that’s a silver lining, but  I’ll will miss that community and that season.  Where did the time go?

Things are changing around here, but nevertheless time rolls forward and just like Christmas in Whoville, Summer still came.

It came with reading


…and with a cruise and some summer enrichment around here.

Summer Enrichment is a super-awesome list of things we get a chance to work on over the break from school; everything from cleaning, to discipleship, manners to handwriting.  Whoopee!

You can repeat that last paragraph in a sarcastic voice and that sums up the kids view!



Midnight Sprite

A child’s skinny frame, emerges from the darkness, silhouetted in moonlight. The words that follow: I got hot and vomited in my bed, plus over the side… a lot on the hardwoods… and some other stuff.

Rock, Paper, Scissors? Forget it, two man job, the highlight of which, definitely standing on the front lawn, shaking the chunks out of kid’s bedding.

Just appreciating the opportunity to be conscience, when I wouldn’t be, and outside on a perfect night (vomit aside), breathing deeply (through your mouth).

Thinking the magical, hazy thoughts that seem crisp and brilliant before the sun comes up, but become the l.o.l. parts of your dream journal.

I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
That’s what people say mmm, that’s what people say mm

But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving
It’s like I got this music in my body and it’s gonna be alright

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off