The Trash Man Cometh

This day has an official highlight.

Not since my children were much younger, has the coming of the trash truck brought such excitement!

The kids spotted a truck in the neighborhood just after noon and their hopes soared.  With no pickup for over a week, trash has officially become a situation.

Thank you, overflowing trashcan…

L & K Services, the secret wizards behind making our gross trash magically gone, recently got bought out by Waste Management, who probably would like to do the same, but lack a crucial element,

 the garbage guys.

Now, we’re living in the prequel to Wall-E!

Strolling down the tree lined streets of our beloved neighborhood has taken on a whole new dimension.  To start with, there’s the special aroma which emanates from the piling trash.  If it was a perfume, it might be called Meat Diaper and I’m not sure that it could, or should, ever be replicated.

I think the combination of allowing the bags to marinate in the summer heat for an extended time frame, followed by raccoons ripping so many of the bags open, so that the bouquet can be enjoyed by all, at the very peak of ripeness, is the special secret.

Yep, trash folks, we are ready for you!IMG_0300.JPG


The kids had bubbles and party horns, but lost faith in the final hours of waiting, so in the end our trash men were only greeted by the colorful sidewalk chalk that we left behind.

IMG_0302no more triple dip

6x03 Standee

no more snowman (okay, that one was on Malcolm in the Middle… Hal vs. The Trash Man… no???)

Goodbye independently moving trash bags, cluster flies, trash strewn streets and sticky mystery ooze.

Hello … sanitizing the trash/recycle bins before they go back in the garage, yowza!

Thank You Homes Association Board, for the hard work that happens behind the scenes and Thank You Wonderful Garbage People everywhere!  We’ll see if we can’t produce a little less refuse in the future to help lighten the load.




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