Summers Coming!!

Countdown to Summer is on! I think my kiddos have about 8 school days left, woo hoo!

This is the time when I like to start thinking about goals and ideas, things I want to intentionally get on top of with my kids, during this time.  I love the shake up in our schedule, it’s always new and full of possibilities.

Last summer we did a family reading challenge.  Which we’re definitely going to fire up again, it was pretty easy and fun.

First Thing:  Make a Poster and hang it in a prominent location in your home.


For ours, I looked at some summer reading posters online for inspiration.  I found some cute clip art Popsicles and then got out the sharpies and copied a mashup of all my favorite ideas.

Then the plan was for each of us to fill in our Popsicle as we finished new books.  If your not a weird parent who loves to draw and color, like myself, have the kids make something.

Step 2:  Stock your place with piles of enticing and delightful books!

Whenever you need a little space… it’s silent reading time!  It’s a win win for everybody!

I searched online through various reading lists from all over and wrote down the ones that had reasonable parent reviews (I check common sense media or amazon.)  I also look at the reading level and go for a mix of challenge and freebie.  Then I just add them to my holds list from the public library, so I could run in and grab a pile every week or so, even if we were rocking a busy schedule and didn’t always have the time to troll up and down the aisles.

Step 3:  Have fun reading and adding titles to your poster!  This year, whatever we do will be bigger, ours was on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of typing paper:(

We ended up writing super tiny.


Last Step:  When summer ends, look back with satisfaction.


I needed to hide mine because the kids mopped the floor with us and wouldn’t stop busting our chops about it.

I love kids.




3 thoughts on “Summers Coming!!

    1. Thanks Mich! Those look like awesome resources, I’ll definitely be combing through their reading lists. The gal on ed snapshots mentions rewards, which I completely forgot about. Last summer, when they filled their popsicles, I let each kid pick out a really cool bookmark at the bookstore, they were underwhelmed. I might need to see if I can top that this year:)


  1. This year I, a grandma, get to participate in the reading challenge. This is cool and I am excited on a couple of levels.
    I love reading including children’s books, it is a great way to connect with young people. Secondly, I already have a challenge going with Jud. We both got hooked on a 5th grade Chat and Chew book we did– Maze of Bones. It’s the first in the 39 Clues Series, which has become a fun series for us. I’m on book 8 and he has pointed out gently that he is ahead, on book 11. I will be doing some serious reading this weekend.
    I’ve got to go and pick out my icon for the chart. I am thinking the Flintstone mobile or Model T. Mary wants to do cat books, so I’m likely to be spending a lot of time on the deck with my iced tea and a book.
    Thank you Bec. You are so creative. I love you.


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