Thursday @ Day Camp

Sent: Thu 6/7/2012 7:48 PM
We started the day, after our daily homage to the flag, with the obstacle course. A high school girl was waiting there to help the guys split into 4 groups for things like; running through tires, high jump, monkey bars, ski’s for three and tug of war.  In a surprising turn of events the wiry guys took down the husky boys two times out of three in tug of war.

After a snack (we get our boys from place to place by leaving a trail of teddy grahams) it was on to the leather station. The boys each got a leather medallion that they could hammer with stamps. I’m really surprised at the amount of hammering that goes on here.  Soothing sounds of the hammer, all the livelong day.

Please  Please

Alright, I digress. We had lunch after that, which was pretty exciting because today instead of bag lunches we grilled hot dogs and made s’mores and after that awesomeness, we were all ready for a midday surprise at the flagpole.

To recap, So far this week we had our tornado drill (I think they threw some tootsie rolls at us), the Indian dancing and Popsicle combo, then fire truck/hose down party, so we’re setting the bar pretty high.

Today’s surprise…. the gun enthusiast speaker lady that you see below, oh yeah. The boys were a little disappointed after they realized that she was shootin’ blanks and wasn’t going to blow up a portapotty or anything.

thursday 001 

Next we headed down to the zip line, which they loved. Half the boys worked at a table making cards for meals on wheels recipients, while the other half lined up to sit in the little zip line chair.

I hung out at the card table to help regulate.  The cards were blank, but had phrases at the top like “Sending you a smile” or “Thinking of you” and the boys were asked to add a little note or drawing.  I had to scrap “thinking of you … in a car crash” even though the picture had a lot of detail.  Time to bring down the thunder, I mean, give those boys a little more direction.

picture 307

Our last activity was the wood station. A seventh grade scout was waiting to equip the boys with saws and of course hammers.

I was just biding my time to get back on the bus before anyone lost a finger or was hit by a hammer. One kid did hit another kid with a hammer, but we took away his hammer, and his saw. Also, in an unrelated story, his spray bottle.

We were all ready to say good bye to the flags and hello to the bus ride home with African-American Danica Patrick. The ride was less eventful than yesterdays and I found myself beginning to glaze over, but snapped into action when I heard a kid yell, “Your face is my booster seat!”

Not on my watch Mister.


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