Cub Scout Day Camp… Second Day

Sent: Tue 6/5/2012 9:52 PM

Yes, I came back again


Today I brought a whistle,

That’s right, I Captain Von Trapped all my people.

Okay, I’m not that good, but the whistle did save my voice. I’d blow it to get their attention, then we do a cheesy cheer,

“C-A-M…P-E-R! Campers, Yes we are! Hey!” and the Count Off.

Also, I put red duct tape across all of their backs, so it’s easier to sort them from the rabble.


We banned the “Rock you, sock you” song.  Honestly, I think it was the first thing that crossed my mind this morning… it’s burned into my brain. Anyway, it’s gone and I won’t miss it, although I might catch myself still humming it… j/k.

Today, activity number one was Human Foosball and then they did sling shots, all before lunch.  Noonday flag pole fun?  The mic-o-say Indian dancers and Popsicles!

After that we went to The Trading Post, where boys were able to buy the same rocks that were all over the ground for a dollar fifty each, and as if rocks alone weren’t enough, they also carry a great selection of plastic handcuffs, bouncy balls and other quality items. My Son purchased plastic sheriff badges for Sis and himself.

We packed up all of their items and put them in somebody’s car.  That way we didn’t have to spend the rest of the day breaking up fights between campers wielding tiny rubber swords that say “Day Camp 2011”.

Ugh, Don’t make me use the plastic handcuffs!

Instead, we headed off to our egg drop activity.                                                     Just giving a group of little boys a raw egg, seems risky,  

having them figure out ways to drop it without breaking it, that’s just cheap entertainment.

They wrapped up the day making crafty handkerchiefs with crafty slides.

The boys were able to fill any down time by throwing water at each other or doing a little hula hooping. We were pretty much accident free, except for a boy who got hit in the face with the portapotty door… while attempting to harass a portapotty user, and another whose tongue got stuck in his water bottle. No permanent damage.


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