Cub Scout Day Camp, Day One

In honor of summer, I’ve dug up an oldie.

Shortly after my son finished first grade, I had an experience that remains a dear and cherished memory.  I volunteered to be a “Walking Leader” at Cub Scout Day Camp.  Each night after I got home, I put together an e-mail to share.

Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of reading the ups and downs of this action packed and funny week…

Be Prepared... Wait, does this make my butt look big?!
Be Prepared… Wait, does this make my butt look big?!

Subject: Cub Scout Day Camp -Day 1                     Sent: Mon 6/4/2012 8:30 PM

My ears are ringing, I’m losing my voice and I have a wicked sunburn.            I’m probably not gonna live through the week.

Ah, the bus ride home.  One of the boys from our pack, who sat directly behind us shared this catchy chant…  repeatedly;  “We will, we Will, ROCK YOU, sock you, Pick you up and drop you, flush you down the TOILET, I hope you Enjoy it…  WE will we will….”




The morning started off, innocently enough, with duck duck goose.  We killed 20 minutes playing it in the field, as soon as we arrived.  BUT, the official start of any day camp day is the flag ceremony.

Flag ceremony and announcements take a little bit longer than you’d hope.      My suggestion, just get rid of the Kansas flag… no one wants to stand at attention for that long.

It’s shade-less and toasty, and they’re very active boys.

picture 264

We were finally released, to charge off to our camp.

That is, our side-less tent, amongst a row of side-less tents at the edge of the treeless field, where each group has their all important buckets.

 Each boy (and leader) has one.  It’s your chair and also where you keep your hat, sunblock, contraband and bug spray.

Aside from the buckets, our side-less tent home also houses a cooler filled with sack lunches and the blessed igloo water cooler.

By the time we got there, we’d lost our 1st kid.

So long Kindergarten Kyle. It’s surprisingly easy to lose a kid at a camp where all the kids are required to wear matching t-shirts.  Pretty much every time another pack crosses your path your down, or up a camper or two.

After he was returned (he got to ride on the golf cart!) off we went to our 1st official camp activity.  We were with our 7th grade den chief Jonah.

Good to see a familiar face, but I still have no idea what we were supposed to be doing there.  Next we were on the move to the archery range.

Our range master didn’t look like any of these folks…

 but he did know a lot about archery.

Also, he was running pretty far behind schedule, which was not surprising since he was in no rush whatsoever.

picture 234

We knew we were pressing on through lunch. (✖﹏✖)

When we did wrap it up, one of the boys had to make a trip to the portapotties, and since in cub scouts you always need 2 adults, we all got to take that hike together.

By the time we got back, we only had 5 minutes to eat before the noon day surprise/ announcements.

Surprise!  Tooo…oorNado Drill!

For the tornado drill we got to get down in a berm and Assume The Position,     honestly not as much fun as it sounds.

Okay, two more activities left on the schedule, so like the Israelites in the desert, we eventually found our way to the next big thing,

picture 238 the ropes course.

We had to split into two groups, one group whined and complained about hating the  “rope making” activity, while the other group had fun climbing in the ropes course, down in the shade/tick central.  Then they switched.

The final stop for the day, chuck wagon, was a fun one. The boys love food, so it was a slam dunk that they’d be excited to make pizzas and peanut-less trail mix.

Time for closing flag… Kansas flag, why do we have you?!

and finally, back to the bus…

We will, we will, rock you, sock you…


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