Up and Away

It’s hike out day!

Good Morning!  Getting ready to hike out.
Good Morning! Getting ready to hike out.

We slept in until 4:30 or so, so the campground was pretty cleared out by the time that we hit the trail an hour later.IMG_7333

I sang This is My Father’s World,

every verse that’s ever been imagined of Down by the Bay… Where the Watermelons Grow,

and of course We Like to Move It, MOVE IT.

Day 3
Day 3

The only hitch we had, besides the climb and all, was running out of food a little early.  This is a bummer, because I’m pretty crazy about food.  Not sure if this was related to my slowdown or not.


I told Hub to keep moving as long as the kids had any forward momentum.  I took a moment to lean my face against the cool rock.

I hadn’t sat down or taken off my pack after the 3 mile rest stop.  Usually, just stopping for a minute, looking around (ooooooohhhh   aaaahhhhh) IMG_7342and grabbing a drink is good enough.  I don’t want to sit down, or have to get back up again, but I was definitely beginning to travel at a reduced speed.

When you’re on the way up, everyone is so kind.  It’s something that’s  truly precious.  I stored up every smile and encouraging comment.

I stopped for a minute to visit with a woman who was day hiking near the rim.  She asked where I’d come from and how I was getting along.  I told her about the food.  I smiled and said that I’d seen a man with a sketch book, eating an apple in the shade at the last switchback and decided that I probably shouldn’t wrestle the half-eaten apple away from him.

The woman reached into her bag and pulled out a bar for me, it was some gelatinous fruit-like bar that, to me tasted like the best apple ever.  Thinking about it now, I feel a little teary.  Also, I realize that I must have looked all:

While we were standing there, a young French couple stopped and the guy held out a plastic water bottle to me.  I showed him the straw that came from my platypus.  “I’m good, thanks”

He pointed to my pack and then undid my sternum strap and lifted the pack off my back.  The girl with him put her arm around my shoulder.

I don’t think that I was getting ready to tumble off, but my hands and feet were starting to feel a little weird and tingly.

I was on the last switchback.  She was pointing at a building.

“This is the top?!”


IMG_7348I love those people.

I sat down on a bench with my kids.  Hub came back from an unsuccessful  food search and told us that the shuttle was due soon.

The French couple reappeared with…He pointed at the box and said “sugar” and gave it to us.  Both kids said, “I love those people”.

No doubt!  Right!?


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