A Walk in the Park

Day 2 kicked off with oatmeal, followed by packing up and a gorgeous 5 mile hike.

Day 2... in those outfits.
Day 2… in those outfits.

IMG_7263IMG_7265IMG_7274 Unfortunately, I ran in the last mile.  We were getting antsy to be there and I passed these Australian guys hiking out.  They gave me the old, “No worries, it’s right there.  No more than 10 minutes.”

Cool, so I’ll just haul and I can snag a shady spot, drop my pack and come back for the kid’s stuff and the “woo-hoo” encouragement, wrapping up the last mile… because that last mile will getcha!

I did haul

and haul.

With every additional bend in the road, long stretch and rocky climb, I sang a little song about those Australian guys…

“Those Boys are Evil!  E-V-I-L-B-O-Y-S!”

Even if you’re not a fan of Phineas & Ferb (?!)  You may still be able to grasp the sentiment here.

It still worked out fine, but when we finally brought that one in for a landing, I didn’t feel so hot.  I spent an hour just chillin’ laid out on our picnic table, drinking some water and providing a nice barrier to block the kids from seeing each other’s Go Fish cards..

just like guinea pigs
just like guinea pigs

Indian Garden is another great camp site with shade, as well as cooler temperatures than Bright Angel because it’s a little higher, plus books and games to borrow, shelters and picnic tables at each site, drinking water and awesome pit toilets. It’s pretty swanky.

Speaking of the pit toilets, they have some pretty strict rules about what you can put in those babies.  IMG_7287 t.p. yes, while pajamas no.  There is also a helpful sign describing how organisms in the pit are working hard to turn your #2 into their #1, er, some special “humus-like” humanure.  Anyway, put me right off humus.

The kids gave Hub a hand with the tent.


We tried to beat the heat by hiking early (It was 105 degrees when I passed the big round outdoor thermometer at Indian Gardens.)  We spent the toasty afternoon just relaxing, reading Where the Red Fern Grows, visiting with other hikers and watching squirrels and lizards.  I found coming up with things lizards might say to each other if they could speak, surprisingly entertaining and daughter and I had each other laughing.

pretending to eat dinner while it's still in potpourri form, because it's that awesome
pretending to eat dinner while it’s still in potpourri form, because it’s that awesome

When the ranger came through to check permits, I was able to ask him the question that i’m sure has been on everyone’s mind.  Turns out, rangers are not given a jet pack .


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