All Uphill From Here

Spring Break 1999
Spring Break 1999

As college students, we had hiked from the same starting point and gone out west to Hermit’s Rest.  There’s definitely a lot to love about that longer and more remote trip (it’s extra brutiful), but if your love/hate relationship with backpacking veers more towards hate-it, or if you’re just not that crazy about the little orange shovel, the 3 day trip that we did is a good one.

Bright Angel is a wonderful place to start.  It’s got drinking water, a bathroom, complete with flush toilet and sink, other people, and most importantly your feet in the creek.


That deer was surprisingly unfazed by my children playing in the water 20 feet away.  They were all cooling off there for a good hour, while Hub set up our campsite.

IMG_7245I know, He’s a Rockstar.


This kid never wanted to stop playing in the creek.  We had such a good time there, I’ll never forget it.


That night, Hub made his tasty Chef Boy-rD-licious on the camp stove and we woke up to his very special Happy Camper Oatmeal.  Maybe I’ll post some of his recipes, they are great if you’re backpacking.  If you haven’t walked really far that day, they definitely don’t taste…as good.

All packed up and we were ready to hit the much shorter, 5 mile trail to Indian Garden Campground.


One thought on “All Uphill From Here

  1. Rebecca,

    How special for you guys! Glad you all survived. That area looks so pretty. You will have to tell Doug that we are leaving Sunday for backpacking also! Our first family trip (Matt has gone the last few years with the girls). Tent camping in Rocky Mountain National Park at two backcountry campsites in the Wild Basin area. Pray for us!!!!



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