With One Step

The Van Meter Family Vacation this year was an incredible journey.  We settled on a trip that centered around backpacking in an amazing place,

For months now, Hub has been dehydrating foods and piecing together menus and recipes for us to test drive, with varied results.  He’s been busy assessing our gear, checking our permits, weighing EVERYTHING… to the gram, going over maps and updating spreadsheets.

We even backpacked to an ice cream shop 3 or 4 miles from the house so that the kids could experience hiking with a pack and going a little bit farther than a typical family walk.

It was a huge success!

Image result for mely's prairie village

I Heart Mely’s:)

School has wrapped up and vacation is finally here!

Saturday, the 30th day of May dawned with great excitement.  The van was all gassed up and ready to go.  We set out across The Flint Hills continuing along wide open and unending highway stretches beneath Colorado’s vast painted skies, making our way to Utah’s five National Parks and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Quick tangent; since we love us some National Parks, I’m going to break here to share our Sign Photos.  Just scroll on down if you want to skip, but I kind of love these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spent the first night at a Rodeway Inn in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

While enjoying the tightest little continental breakfast in the Rockies, one of our children just threw up suddenly, for no reason.  This all too common occurrence is just one of the many endearing attributes that make our family special:)

After leaving our mark on one more state, we were geared up for a relatively short, three hour drive to Moab.


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