Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by Rebecca Van Meter                                                                  5/11/2014

Well into the day that celebrates all things mother… or “Mouther” as it was written on the card that my son made, it’s inevitable, for me at least, to stop and wonder, “What is my part in this family, anyway? and, “How am I really doing?” I don’t receive any real performance evaluations,

other than this business….

Daughter recently told me, in kind of a ‘no offense’ tone, that things will be way better when she is the mom… in her mansion, by the sea… with a helicopter.

For starters she will be a worker, actually a government worker. That way she won’t have to pay the taxes and she can have all the money everyone else has to pay for their tax.

Also, there won’t be any children when she’s the mom.
That part just seems hokey.

Different day: We were at a skating party and she was having a lot of trouble with skating. She got very frustrated and really blew her stack, the consequence for which would have been limiting arcade fun, but she was able to kick it up a notch and be granted the Total Arcade Fun Block.

Later I said, “Well, I wouldn’t be a very good mom if I just allowed you to behave that way.”
Her unenthusiastic response, “You must be the best mom ever.”

Just today, my son said that he’s glad that I make his lunch and pick him up from school, but he’s still mad about that time that I shouted at him when he shut me in a door by accident!

Also, I talk too much… Happy Mouthers Day, right?

Honestly, I think both kids are really hoping to be placed in foster care so that they can live w/our awesome foster the people, neighbors.


So, I’m definitely killin’ it.

but, you know what?
It doesn’t matter… because I’m keeping the gifts!

I got a hand-made corsage today from Daughter, and Son gave me a brand new custom home… in mine craft!
Coveted, creeper free Son and Daughter’s World location, this home features sturdy wool block construction, ample torch light, no garage, no bathrooms, no windows and a no fuss basement kitchen leading right into 4 story vertical, charmingly tight hall ways complete with ladder access straight up to two cozy bedrooms, each featuring a private balcony overlooking a haunted castle on one side and a whimsical, giant cat statue on the other. Another exhilarating climb leads to a mysterious unfinished space with endless possibilities! The exterior, enormous flower shape, screams curb appeal!

Don’t feel jealous if your gifts weren’t this great. I know my kids set the bar pretty high. God Bless ‘em!