Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You!

This past week was my fun, cruise getaway with Hub and, oh my goodness, it was perfect!  We had the best time!!

It was a lot like this  

We went on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, 500th voyage.  I think all of their boats follow this Chicken of the Sea naming format,

  which can get a little confusing.


If you’re looking for some quality time together and you love sunshine, sea breezes, the sound of the ocean and unlimited soft-serve ice cream cones, and you don’t want to lift a finger or worry about a thing… this is your ultimate vacation.

Also,  if you’re retired, haven’t had a reunion with your cousins in a while and you’re looking for a good excuse to make matching t-shirts…

Yup, it works on many levels.

The first scheduled stop on our cruise was Grand Cayman, but due to weather we hit Costa Maya instead.

Our excursion there was the Mayan Ruins… other local ruins include the blighted outlet malls abandoned after Hurricane  Dean, those are found just on the other side of the barbed wire fence.

We were headed on into the jungle, so I was a little disappointed with our bus’es complete lack of chickens…


It wasn’t quite as Romancing the Stone as you’d hope.

IMG_6099 IMG_6100

but they did offer free coke, which was great because otherwise we got nada, until we were back on the boat

  open a taco stand there and make millions.IMG_6094  Here is a picture of a nice Mayan ruin, probably the best one, possibly the builder model for the whole subdivision. It’s a walk up, most are.  I think this one is called The Stair Master and buns of steel are included.

The longer we looked, the more I just saw a big, delicious rice krispy treat, by the time we piled on the bus everybody was a little less friendly and a little more hangry, so we made a bee line for the boat and bypassed the opportunity to haggle over t-shirts and wrestling masks, not kidding, apparently Nacho Libre was much bigger down here.

…  okay, signing off for now, but more on the cruise later this week…


One thought on “Come Aboard, We’re Expecting You!

  1. Seriously just started laughing so much my family insisted I read your whole post out loud so we could laugh together. With my mom working in real estate, we all got a kick out of your Mayan subdivision observation.


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