Happy New Year!

It takes a while around here:)

Even though I woke up on January 1st at an embarrassing 10:55 a.m., from  NyQuil induced Rip Van Winkle sleep, with  humidifier wind in my face, I’m still super-pumped about the new year.

As soon as the head cold that’s turned me into a zombie blows over, I’m going to be all over all of my new-year-new-ideas!

It’s going to be awesome!

I’m reading Cleaning House right now…

Cleaning House: A Mom's Twelve-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlementso I think 2015 will be the year that we end youth entitlement in the Van Meter house.  It’s pretty exciting, but I know it’s going to hurt me more than it does them.

It might be a little sick, but I really like to do everything.  It’s kind of it’s own quality control.  Maybe 2015 will be when I learn to let go of making things perfect and free myself up to make more things beautiful…   added bonus.

I’ll let you know how it all shakes out…  along with all of the other ideas that I just needed an excuse to implement… so excited!

It’s not too late for Resolution Revolution if you haven’t jumped on it already.

Here are a few ideas…

Eat more fresh stuff, be more disciplined, learn to speak Spanish, renovate something, break addictions, implement a schedule, read more, be a better listener, get out of debt, clear some space/donate to your Salvation Army, love better, think positive, let Jesus take the wheel, quit biting your nails (this was my 2014, I highly recommend getting a home gel nails kit.)

Follow the link below to a list of New Years Resolutions that Woody Guthrie wrote, it’s definitely worth a look…


A friend shared this, and I think it’s pretty awesome.  I’m definitely stealing some of these from Woody,  (many people are unaware that Woody Guthrie shares the blessed July 14th birthday with me:)).  His last resolution, to wake up and fight is my favorite.

Interpret it as you will.