Hi! May I Host You?!

It’s a great season for entertaining and getting together with friends and family, so don’t be intimidated, just start inviting people!

I happen to be an impeccable hostess and will share all my secret tips to help you knock this out of the park.

For starters, when you see someone in your driveway, start making this…


If it’s after 2, you could do something else, but honestly, scones work for me all the time and that recipe is a good one for fall through Christmas.

Okay, whoever comes in, give them your vacuum, so that they can suck up cat hair before the cat allergic girl shows up, then get back to frantically throwing the baking together and don’t forget to smile.

If smiling isn’t your natural, default face, just think about warm beaches, your favorite babies or when you found a Target gift card in your stocking, while getting out Christmas stuff.

While your vacuum buddy reprograms your Pandora stations, look for that butter slicing thing that you don’t use often.

If it’s in a box with the play-doh fun factory, just use the mixer on slow.

If the mixer is smoking and/or making sad noises, check for that cute hockey puck that keeps brown sugar from clumping.

If that guy isn’t stuck in your beaters, the problem might just be brown sugar rocks… possibly resulting from never replacing your puck, the last time that you accidentally beatered it.

Okay, if it’s brown sugar rocks, turn it up, Dude!  Yeah, like freedom rock!

Next, put the dough in your floppy cake pan.

By now, you may have to wrestle it back from a friends surprisingly strong baby.

Luckily you’ve been working out.

10 minutes is better than no minutes.

You can cut the scones out easily w/floppy pancake flipper.

You might end up with a few frankenscones, but just remember that the people coming are your friends, and as such, they can’t be all that  discerning.

Now, while your frankenscones are over baking, check on your friends.  By this time, your cat has located the allergic friend and formed a scarf

Shove the unused vacuum in the coat closet and start making coffee.

Don’t look in the mirror, you look great…   you’re doing it!  Good Job!