Working It

So, I don’t have a job, per se.
What I mean is, I’m a stay in bed, er at home, mom

and I love my not job.

Like most actual jobs, it’s not a good fit for everybody and it comes with it’s own list of Frequently Asked Questions.

One question I get is “Do you miss them being littles?”
It always makes me smile.

The answer is a clear, “Yes, I do/don’t” because, like so much of our lives, it’s a mixed bag.
I LOVED reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom… but now I get to read The Hobbit, which is also pretty cool.

Every phase of my mama time so far has had some great stuff, some not so great stuff, and lots of funny business.

As for that Toddler to Preschool MOPS phase, with my littles, here is what I do/don’t miss…

#1  hub and I looking like Dan and Rosanne, it was not a fitness phase for us

#2  irrational conversations with phrases like, “Not take my baby (an actual dead bird) , No No Nooooooo!”

#3  unexpectedly running into mystery moisture …or mystery sticky business, ewwwwww

#4  watching PBS Kids- My kids might not remember lyrics like, “The soft G… and the hard G…   Come together….  in words like Garbage.”  but they’re burned into my brain.  Also, I loved hearing my 4 year old say, “sissy did say sorry, but I’m dubious”

#5  meeting Dr. Nose, this is the name that one of my tots gave to an E.N.T. who helped us out of a bad situation with a gummy vitamin

#6  feeling like a human kleenex

#7  sending e-mails to my hub at work, that contained colorful snippets about my day like, “you’ll never guess what flew out when I unloaded the dryer?!  Unless you guessed a turd, in that case, give yourself a high-five.”

#8  toddler party aftermath – crushed juice boxes strewn all over the lawn and traumatized kitty…

(Ferris is less conflicted about missing our baby days.)

#9  trying to clean the chunder out of a five point harness

#10  acting like zoo animals with my toddler at kindermuzik, when I just wasn’t feeling it…  or trying to cajole my toddler into being polite to the kindermuzik lady, “come on camper, elephants don’t go boneless on the floor like that…  and kick their moms.  Who is my baby elephant?”

okay, so I did have a lot of fun with my funny littles, but they’re more fun now and looking back, I’m just excited that they can bathe themselves and all that goodness.


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