World Series 2014


My Blue Hell? I don’t think so.

A little bit more like…

Cliff: So, second place… how does it feel?
Torrance Shipman: It feels like first.

We’re proud of our Royals.

When I was in 3rd grade, the Royals beat our closest baseball neighbor, the St. Louis Cardinals, in the 85 world series.
Just as a side note, I have a little more empathy for them now.

So, is KC still a little preoccupied, with 1985? Maybe just a bit.
I was only nine, but what I remember is staying up, going out on the front steps and banging on a Tippin’s pie pan with a spoon when they won, my brother had a baritone horn. We all made a lot of noise and our neighbor’s lights were all on too. You could hear cheering for blocks.

Last night, watching the Royals, in game seven of The World Series, felt surreal.
Am I dreaming this? Hhmmm… if I was, wouldn’t I be holding a baby with a mermaid tail or something???
Check one- No merbaby, just my Royals fanatic mom texting away with friends and family all over the country, my husband watching anxiously, 10 year old son asking if it’s okay to do kindle during Rob Lowe commercials and our third grade daughter, I made that girl some blue Royals playdoh to help her hang in there with us. I look over, and see playdoh moose trouncing playdoh panda, that’s healthy, right?

I hope that they remember…
Watching a game projected on a neighbor’s house and running around with their friends in their Halloween costumes, my daughter’s amazing Royals nails, everybody in the city wearing Royals t-shirts everywhere every day, eating rotel, posing by the blue fountains, cheering and chalking up the driveway with crowns and kc’s.

Yeah, I would have LOVED to win it*, to stand on those same steps with my family and yell and cheer and take those dreamy eyed kiddos home with sweet smiles… unfortunately, it was a bit of a melt down after the game. A week of World Series, Rock and Roll lifestyle.
Halloween’s tomorrow, right? Yowza!

He’s pushing me!
She was looking at me!
Let’s go crank-a-doos, we gotta get you to bed. There’s no truth in the no school tomorrow, if we win rumor…. or if we don’t. We gotta rise and shine tomorrow, give God the Glory glory.

Even with the sad ride home, I wouldn’t trade it. I won’t be bitter. I’m not going to fixate on how they called Hosmer out at first, in that supposed double play. Or sit around wishing somebody had Nancy Kerriganned that evil pitcher… I joke, God Bless ‘im, I’m sure that dude is delightful.
2nd place…. Feels like 1st
2014 Royals, Thank You!
Thank You for lighting up our beautiful city, bringing smiles to the faces of blue shirted strangers and teaching KC kids what The World Series even is.
Gotta love it!


* okay, just go with me for a moment; instead of striking out, Salvy repeats his game 1 homer off Bumgarner, Alex Gordon’s in, Salvy’s in. The crowd goes wild!